Cole Oil has a long tradition of serving the agriculture sector, growing and evolving alongside the farming business since 1921. There are many challenges in farming, but we’re determined to take fuel related issues out of the equation and keep your operation up and running.

Fuel Contracting

Tank Monitoring

Storage Tanks, Dispensing Systems, and Other Petroleum Equipment

Available Gasoline

Octane Ethanol Use
E10 Lead Free 87 Contains up to 10% Most common
 Conventional Lead Free 87 NONE Popular in small or older engines
 Conventional Premium 91 NONE Suggested for high-compression engines
*You should use the octane rating recommended by your vehicle manufacturer

E10 Lead Free

Octane: 87
Ethanol: Contains up to 10%
Uses: Most common

Conventional Lead Free

Octane: 87
Ethanol: NONE
Uses: Popular in small or older engines

Conventional Premium

Octane: 91
Ethanol: NONE
Uses: Suggested for high-compression engines