Motor & Engine Oils West Bend WI

Reliable Motor & Engine Oils Supplier in West Bend, WI

At Cole Oil & Propane, our mission has always been performance, quality, and value.
We proudly serve customers of all sizes and industries in West Bend, WI area. Our goals are simple, have great products, affordable pricing, and reliable service. Whether you need lubricants for your farm, construction equipment, company vehicles, or industrial machinery – Cole Oil has the products you need with the experience to back it up.

Industrial, Commercial, Trucking, Construction and Farm customers of all sizes have called on us to service their diverse and unique needs and we have come through for them since 1921! We look forward to serving you as well.

Some of the products we carry

We carry premium heavy duty diesel engine oilscar motor oils, greases , hydraulic oil and many additional products.

The Propane Pre-Buy program is available now!

Available through May 15-June 15